Sales Process

The sales process is something I’m struggling with. I’ve often found in the past that it helps to organize my thoughts by writing then down. Usually I’ll use Google docs, but this time I’m going to do it here.

If I was Dr Ben Adkins or some other sales & marketing guru, I would have had this figured out long ago, but this just isn’t my strength.

I really wish I was selling something as simple as discount long distance like I was with my phone business. That was so much simpler — and it was recurring. No such luck with this business model.

Here’s what I’m selling:

  1. Ad space on a postcard
  2. Possible upgrades:
    1. digital coupon with automated reminders
    2. coupon tracking, customer list building, and SMS broadcasting
    3. viral loyalty/rewards program
  3. I could also sell:
    1. Birthday campaign
    2. Facebook advertising
    3. Social media posting
    4. Reputation marketing
    5. Online ordering
    6. Etc.

Here are some things that could be involved in the sales process:

  1. Facebook ad
  2. Lead form
  3. Sales page
  4. SMS text message(s)
  5. Emails

My HighLevel CRM software can help with some of those items. Other possible elements in the process:

  1. Sales presentation (in-person or via Zoom)
  2. Submission a general inquiry form
  3. Reserve a space on one or more cards
  4. Set/negotiate a price
  5. Offer a discount if they pay now
  6. Pay 50% down
  7. Get final approval
  8. Pay the other 50%

So let’s see if we can organize this into a customer journey. I understand that doing this the right way is quite a science, but I’d like to start with something pretty simple.

New Customers (without advanced automation)

  1. Prospect sees a Facebook ad
  2. Fills out a lead form
  3. Is directed to a sales page
  4. Receives a text message with a link to the sales page
  5. The sales page has a chat widget and a form which asks for:
    1. name
    2. phone
    3. target area(s)
    4. desired ad size
    5. Image (logo, etc)
    6. questions/comment
  6. If they submit the form they are redirected to a payment page (different version for each ad size):
    1. offer a % discount if they pay full price within 24 hours
    2. has a chat widget
    3. has a link to my calendar to schedule a call
  7. If they pay, offer these upsells:
    1. basic digital coupon
    2. coupon tracking, customer list building, and SMS broadcasting
    3. viral loyalty/rewards program
  8. After payment, redirect them to a thank you page:
    1. explains what’s next
    2. gives options to schedule a call or send a message if interested
  9. If they schedule a call before paying, we have the call and if they agree I send them a link that takes them back to step 6.
  10. After they’ve agreed to an ad and paid 50% min.:
    1. I enter ad info into the website
    2. Send ad info to a graphic designer
  11. When the ad design is complete, I send them an email and text message with a link to the ad image and ask them to respond with their approval
  12. If they approve, I send a link to a page asking for final payment.

Existing Customer

When it’s time to run another card, and if the customer has previously gone through the process, I will send them to a page only has the form described in step 5 above.


I intend to offer these discounts:

  • Multiple spaces on one card
  • Multiple cards if paid for together up front (regardless of whether they are mailed simultaneosly or consecutively)


I have homework:

  1. Create payment pages for various payment amounts
  2. Add calendar widget where appropriate to schedule a call
  3. Add chat widget where appropriate
  4. Create a presentation that I can give during a call

It should be noted that I have plans to add automation to many of the steps in the customer journey, but it’s best to start off simpler.

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