Co-op ads

How to get started with Facebook Co-op Ads

Reach 50,000+ people for less than $100!

Facebook Co-Op Ads are one of the cheapest & smartest ways to promote your local business.  

Get started in two easy steps:

features and benefits

  • Co-op ads feature offers from non-competing businesses
  • Ads reach thousands of local consumers via social media platforms (currently Facebook and Instagram)
  • Cost is shared (up to 90% cheaper than other types of advertising)
  • Long shelf-life — ads remain on our website indefinitely 
  • Advertisers receive instant notification of new leads (along with contact information)
  • Prospects receive automated follow-up messages to help you close the sale

How we build & launch Co-op Ads

All of the preparation work is done inside our Facebook groups.

  1. 1Together we select a target area, minimum reach, and launch date.
  2. 2We set the the ad price based on the selected parameters and past experience (typically $1000 to be divided equally among participants).
  3. 3We invite members to participate — typically a minimum of 10. Early participants can anonymously deny access to competing businesses.
  4. 4The ad goes “live” and runs until it achieves the minimum reach set in step 1.

How Co-op Ads work

This an example of a Facebook Co-op ad.

The ad contains a list of non-competing offers and is targeted to reach people in specific Zip Codes.

The ad leads to a page on our website that contains a list of the same offers. 

With a click, customers see more details.

Then, another click pops up a signup form.

When the customer submits the form…

They receives a message like this:

You receive a message like this:

The process varies a bit, depending on your specific needs.

Get started by creating a free business listing. Then add one or more offers. We’ll review your listing and offers, and make them live on our website.

Then it will be time to select the Zip codes you want to target and when you want to start running the co-op ad.

We’ll go to work creating and running the ad on both Facebook and Instagram. You wait for the leads & customers to come in!

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Attract more Birthday customers

Birthday customers are the best kind because they usually bring family and friends with them.

Birthday offers are perfect for restaurants and many other types of businesses as well. 

All you need to do is offer something special and fun. We do the rest!

Our Birthday Marketing System brings a steady flow of birthday customers and their friends to you week after week.

Birthday offers work well for these types of businesses

  • Restaurants
  • Bars/Nightclubs
  • Retail Stores
  • Theater/Entertainment
  • Recreation
  • Sports Events
  • Spas & Wellness Centers
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hair Salons
  • Coffee Shops
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Car Wash/Detail
  1. 1We find birthday customers two ways: 1) through targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising, and 2) reaching out to our own subscribers.
  2. 2One week before their birthday, we send them a “Happy Birthday” message via text and/or email. 
  3. 3We also send them a link to our Birthday Offers page where your offer will be listed.
  4. 4If they select your offer we add them to your contact list (you can view their name, email addresses, and phone number inside your personal dashboard).
  5. 5We also send them a series of reminder messages so they don’t forget about you.
  6. 6When they visit you, our digital coupon tracks the total amount they spend (it also stops them from trying to receive your offer more than once a year).

Only $49/month — and no extra charge for Facebook & Instagram advertising!

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