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  • Gift Card Giveaways - donated by the best local businesses

Our "Local Deal Alerts" are a great way to support local businesses AND get the best deals in Kent.

Check your inbox each week for offers from these types of businesses:

  • FOOD & DRINK - restaurants, nightclubs, breweries, wine tasting
  • BEAUTY AND SPAS - hair & nail salons, skin care, massage
  • HEALTH & FITNESS - chiropractors, dental service, gyms, fitness centers, massage, weight loss
  • RETAIL - discount stores, furniture, clothing, specialty shops
  • HOME SERVICES - cleaning, security, heating/cooling, roofing, siding, kitchen & bath, lawncare & landscaping, driveway/patio, moving, junk removal
  • AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES - auto repair, car wash, oil change
  • PET SERVICES - training, sitting, grooming, veterinary, etc.
  • TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION - agencies, tours, hotels, airports, public
  • THINGS TO DO - concerts, sports, special events, recreation
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - legal, financial, real estate

Gift Card Giveaway

We also give away gift cards donated by the best local businesses. Watch for your weekly deal alerts for more details.

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