Four Smart Ways To Grow Your Business

We love and support local businesses like yours. Our sole mission is to help you reach consumers in your area in the most affordable way possible.

Generate Excitement with a Sponsored giveaway

Everyone loves giveaways. They're a great way to get attention, build your brand, and create good will in the community.

And they don't cost a lot of money. Even relatively small prizes can generate a ton of interest.

"A giveaway is one of the smartest things you can do for your business"

We'll run your giveaway for as little as $49! That includes setup, advertising, lead capture, awarding of prize(s), and delivery of your "consolation" offer.

Advertise your Special Offer

Our newsletter reaches hundreds of local consumers every week.

In addition, our website is visited thousands of times each month by people in the Youngstown area.

Give your business a boost by promoting your offer in both places.

  • Advertise in our newsletter for only $0.10 per subscriber
  • Post your offer on our website for only $19/month
Sell "fast-cash" vouchers

Want to promote a special offer? We have two no-risk ways to promote it! 

A "Fast Cash" voucher is similar to a gift card except it's usually sold at a discounted price (for example "get a $20 value for only $12"). And they're great because you get paid in advance.

There are no set-up charges or monthly fees. We charge only 10% of every sale.

Pay Only For "Sold" Vouchers 

We charge only a small 10% commission for every sale. 

Drive Sales with "smart" Digital Coupons

Our smart digital coupon are the best way to draw customers into your business. They can do a lot more than traditional coupons.

  • Captures names and contact information
  • Sends automatic follow-up reminders
  • Prevents abuse (redemptions are limited to one-per customer)
  • Tracks customer spending and ROI*

* Return on investment

Pay Only For Sales!

Instead of charging you a flat monthly fee to promote your offer (with no guarantees), we charge you only for actual sales! If we don't send you customers, you don't pay!


We are small business owners just like you and we're on a mission is to help other family-owned businesse.

We do this by offering free and "no-risk" advertising options.

We hope you'll join us in supporting your local businesses. 

-John & Susan Horning

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