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Looking for the best way to promote a special offer? 

Try Our "Smart" Coupons and "Fast-Cash" Vouchers

Smart Coupons

Our smart digital coupon does a lot more than traditional coupons.

  • Captures customer contact information
  • Sends automatic follow-up reminders
  • Prevents abuse (redemptions are limited to one-per customer)
  • Tracks customer spending and ROI*

Only $50 per 1000 subscribers

Fast-Cash Vouchers

A "Fast Cash" voucher is similar to a gift card except it's usually sold at a discounted price (for example "$30 worth of food for only $20").

The best part is that you get paid up-front -- before you've even seen or spoken to the customer. 

Here's another secret that works in your favor: Approximately 6% of gift cards and vouchers are never used, according to a Consumer Reports survey. That's free money for you!

  • Get paid up-front
  • We do all the selling
  • We process the transactions
  • You keep all of the money!*

*minus processing fee of approx. 2.9% + 30ยข

Cost is only $50 per 1000 subscribers

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