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Your Birthday dinner at Tucanos includes assorted breads, fried bananas, unlimited salad bar and the full Churrasco selections. Churrasco is the Brazilian term for a barbeque. You choose from a variety of meats – including chicken, turkey, beef tenderloin, top sirloin, Brazilian sausage, pork and seafood. It’s then cooked on skewers over a purpose-built “churrasqueira” grill.

Tucanos is a dining experience that combines the dramatic and traditional Brazilian grilling with the flair and festivity of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The cuisine features specially seasoned or marinated meats and vegetables (nearly 20 varieties), grilled and then served hot off the skewers at each table until the guest’s appetite is fully gratified.

Guests will find one-of-a-kind touches at the restaurant abound, including the color-coded, Tucanos Cue. Placing the Tucanos cue green side up lets the entrée servers know that guests would like the parade of seasoned meats, vegetables and fresh pineapple brought to the table. Expertly trained meat servers then slice sizzling portions off skewers directly onto diners’ plates. Tucanos also offers an abundant and award-winning Salad Festival, featuring more than 70 items.