How To Reach 1000's Of Birthday Customers Near You

For as little as $29/month

Here's why birthday offers are great

  • Birthday customers are the best kind because they often celebrate with family and friends
  • Your offer never gets stale because it's presented to a new group of people every day
  • Redemptions are evenly spread throughout the year and limited to one per person per year

Free food is the most popular type of birthday offer, but just about any special offer can be used as a birthday offer.

We will post your offer on our website and promote it year-round on Facebook and Instagram, targeting only people in your area who have upcoming birthdays. 

The best part -- it's free!

What Types of offers work best?

Virtually anything can be a good birthday gift, but here are the most common items:

  • Food & Drink - restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, nightclubs, breweries, wine tasting 
  • Health & Beauty - cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, massage, spa 
  • Retail - clothing, jewelry, home products, hardware, etc. 
  • Entertainment - movies, games, concerts, sports, special events, recreation 

how it works:

  1. 1
    You submit an irresistible offer 
  2. 2
    We post it on our "Birthday Offers" page
  3. 3
    We promote the page on Facebook & Instagram, reaching thousands of people in your city every month
  4. 4
    You get new customers! 

We also offer these optional services:

  • Save customer contact information
  • Send follow-up reminders
  • Track & limit redemptions
  • Measure customer spending
  • Solo Facebook/Instagram advertising (not shared with other businesses)


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John & Susan Horning

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