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Bling It On With Veronica

Owner(s): Veronica Nellis 

I am a boutique owner in Bristolville, Ohio. I am a senior division stylist with Park Lane jewelry. I also do permanent jewelry and have many other items available at my boutique. I’ve owned my business for four years now.

Address: 6601 State Route 45, Bristolville, OH, USA 

Phone: (330) 282-2910




6601 State Route 45, Bristolville, OH, USA

Interview with Veronica Nellis

Tell us about yourself and why you got into this business

I am a mother of two boys and became a stay at home mom 12 years ago, and as my boys got older, I decided I wanted to do something that I could still do from home, because I have a love of jewelry and interacting with people, I decided to open my boutique. It is brought so much joy to our lives. with the help of social media, I am able to reach customers across the US and my business continues to grow each year.